Subcontractors and CUI


How does this affect your business?

Video Transcript

If you have a DoD contract and subcontractors, here is an informative video on how the flow down of CUI requirements affect them under CMMC.

This is Johnny. He’s the business owner of Copper Cutters, a precision metal manufacturer.

Johnny has a contract with the Department of Defense. They have provided Johnny with technical drawings to mass produce firearms that will be distributed to soldiers around the world.

This is Greg. He’s the business owner of Super Plastics, a plastic molding manufacturer.

Johnny subcontracts Greg and shares the technical drawings in order for Greg to complete his part of the work.

Because Johnny shared the technical drawings with Greg, both Johnny and Greg are now in-scope to meet the CMMC CUI security requirements.

CMMC Video

CUI – Subcontractors informational video

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